The client

Taking Predator Nutrition to the top of the fitness food chain

Predator Nutrition sell sports nutrition and fitness supplements to power up your workout. And having worked with them for a while now, we can say one thing for sure: it’s a serious business. 

Predator is run by people who live, breathe and powerlift the brand, and it’s followed by people who know what works — and what doesn’t.

So in rebranding Predator Nutrition to appeal to a broader audience, we had a challenge: to keep their core followers keen while modernising the brand to bring in newcomers. 

Challenge accepted.

The big idea

Hitting a mindset, not a market

Our insight told us that Predator Nutrition's existing and potential audience is a broad church — from fitness first-timers to experienced athletes. But one thing unites them: a desire to be their ultimate selves, no matter what step of the journey they’re on.

This common, unifying thread inspired our approach, where we’d aim at a mindset more than a market. After all, being your very best applies to all ages, all backgrounds and any experience level.

Our job was to keep this serious and inspirational message at the heart of the brand while making it more accessible for a modern audience.

Predator is for those who want to be fitter, faster, stronger — better. We had to make a brand that appealed to serious gymgoers while also bringing in a new crowd. And I think we’ve done just that.

Melissa Bell — Account Director, Woven

Making a different kind of animal

Before we got creative, we laid the brand’s foundations. We gave Predator a Ruler brand archetype, which inspired a brand look-and-feel based on science-backed authority and inspirational messaging. 

This was followed by a mission (‘To power potential’), a vision (‘To push every body to a new personal best’) and a value proposition (‘To make you better than you were yesterday’). This is inclusive yet aspirational language that talks to everyone no matter how fit — or not — they might be.

Showing our claws.

A brand isn’t just a logo — but a good logo does set the brand tone. We presented Predator with a few options, from the boldly minimal to the nostalgically retro.

We thought they all had merit, but in the end, our logo typified the strategic insight behind the work: serious yet inclusive. The four-claw icon of course references the Predator name and ethos — a desire to unleash your inner animal. But its rounded, simple design shows off our more accessible approach


The result

From brand foundations to colour palettes, logos to tone of voice, we’ve armed Predator with a beast of a brand. One that looks bright, sounds bold and speaks to those who are serious about being their ultimate selves. 

At the same time, we’ve moved the brand away from its old-school look so that it feels more mature and more relevant to more people — all without losing its hardcore spirit that gave the brand its name to start with.