Cooking up a kitchen brand

The client and the challenge

From mainstream to Michelin-starred

Nolte Kitchens are one of Germany’s leading kitchen manufacturers, making 900 kitchens a day and exporting to 70 countries.

But while their traditional products aim at a mass-market audience, their UK proposition is more premium. So we cooked up a brand and a website that made them a little less mainstream — and a little more Michelin. 

The opportunity

Kitchens for life

Nolte Kitchens combine precision engineering with quick build times for an easy, efficient installation. So far, so German. But our insight told us that it’s how a kitchen makes you feel that’s key — and most brands fail to recognise this.

So we crafted a proposition for Nolte — kitchens of a lifetime, for the times of your life — that spoke of their kitchens’ enduring quality and, just as importantly, the joy, happiness and life that a dream kitchen brings to a home.

Form, function, feeling. This would be the heart of the Nolte brand.

“Woven are by far one of the most compelling and creative sets of people I’ve worked with. A real pleasure from start to finish with some incredibly interesting insights and an ability to challenge the norm."

Chris Rushby — Managing Director, Nolte Kitchens

From theory to practice

Armed with this insight, our creative team set to work bringing the idea of Germanic joy to life. We still wanted to show these award-winning kitchens at their best, but alongside images of pristine kitchens we showed people actually using them.

Our art direction showed children making a mess, crumbs on worktops, dogs leaving pawprints on the floor — so that we weren’t just showing kitchens, we were showing kitchens with added life.

The heart of their digital home

Our main deliverable for Nolte Kitchens was a new website. It had to reflect the premium nature of the product while using lifestyle imagery to bring genuine warmth, relatability and humanity to the brand.

Our growth-driven design approach to websites saw us complete the most important parts of the site to a quick go-live deadline, before adding secondary pages in subsequent sprints.

The result

Nolte Kitchens initially came to us for a great website. Instead, we gave them a deeper understanding of what customers really want from a premium kitchen — and how Nolte can give it to them. 

We gave them an underlying brand proposition, essence and visual and verbal identity, so they can reflect their brand at its best in a consistent, coherent way across all touchpoints. 

Oh, and we gave them a great website. Which you can check out here. And if you’d like us to create one of your very own — along with a beautiful brand to go with it — just drop us a line.