Breaking America for Albert Bartlett

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Albert Bartlett

Raising awareness
of the Rooster potato.

We were approached by potato purveyor Albert Bartlett to devise, create and deliver a campaign to boost brand awareness in general and, in particular, awareness of their Rooster potato in America. But there was a problem – the classic US staple, the russet potato, stood in our way.

Albert Bartlett Instagram Feed

Starch wars

Defining a new millennial market to set the Rooster apart.

Our marketing strategists identified that for America to embrace a new kind of potato, we’d need to reach a market the competition was largely ignoring. A market less attached to the all-American russet and more willing to try something new. Step forward, the US millennial.

I’ve been impressed by Woven, who are positive and demonstrate a broad ability to think differently, resulting in ideas that can create different outcomes, influencing and supporting our business’ reach. We were looking for something a little different, which is proving to be the case.

Richard Quinn - Managing Director, Albert Bartlett

Introducing a New American Classic

We created a series of recipes – a range of New American Classics – to celebrate America’s cultural diversity and tempt our target audience into thinking about the humble spud in a whole new way. No longer would the russet be the only choice for forward-thinking US diners. And no longer would the potato be synonymous with French fries and potato chips. Now, thanks to Albert Bartlett’s new American classics, the potato possibilities are endless.

The Rooster crows

Creating an end-to-end campaign that’s delivered delicious results.

With the insight and concept in place, it was now time to let the creative team loose. Our art directors, videographers and designers introduced America to Albert Bartlett’s new classics via quick-fire video, inviting photography and social media posts. Our recipes were brought to life through graphical representations of the geographical areas each one represented – from Cuba to Italy, Israel to Puerto Rico. The result? A vibrant range of New American Classics for a new American market.

First two months


A massive