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Williams Jet Tenders

Cementing Williams Jet Tenders' market-leading position through brand, creative, and digital.

Williams Jet Tenders make the best tenders in the world. But you don’t stop when you’re at the top, so they came to us to develop their brand and have it better reflect their position as the premium tender builder.

To do this, we went back to the beginning. Workshops, competitor analysis, customer research – and from there, brand strategy and positioning. We gave Williams a brand archetype – a personality ‘genre’ to help them define their visual and verbal identity, and to make them more relatable to their target market.

We positioned Williams as a Sage: wise, knowing, erudite – a true reflection of their unparalleled knowledge and expertise in the industry.

Taking to the waters

Leaving Williams Jet Tenders' competition in their wake.

Defining a brand’s core helps us define how the brand behaves. The ‘core’ we created for Williams was 'Our passion, your joy'.

The passion is internal - it talks of Williams’ undying dedication to their craft. While the joy is external, revealing the sheer pleasure their customers feel when they’re coasting the waves in a Williams tender.

Around this essence, the Sage identity, and our research, we crafted a new Williams design aesthetic and tone of voice, and codified them in guidelines before showing the world this striking new identity.

Woven are genuinely creative thinkers and innovators who take a thorough approach to dissecting your brand and understanding exactly what it is you're trying to achieve.

Ollie Taylor - OEM Sales and Marketing Manager, Williams Jet Tenders

10,000th tender Campaign

A true brand experience

From a new website to social media, from digital brochures to print adverts - and even the odd beer bottle - we've applied Williams' elegant new identity across all kinds of online and offline assets. So that, today, they're more than a boat builder, they're a true brand. One that's left their competitors adrift.

From a new website to digital brochures, print adverts to beer bottles – we’ve applied Williams’ elegant new identity across all kinds of online and offline assets.

So that, today, they’re more than a boat builder, they’re a true brand. One that’s left their competitors adrift.

A better class of brochure

Every luxury brand needs a luxurious-looking brochure. But when COVID-19 hit, we knew there’d be less need for print and more demand for digital.

So we developed a series of online brochures that sold the merits of each tender range. Beautifully designed and rich in imagery and video, these digital brochures look every bit as good as their print counterparts, while offering a dynamic online experience that sells the Williams boats at their best.

Not that we’ve done away with the traditional methods - we’ve created gorgeous print brochures for each range, too. It’s a small thing, but holding and leafing through physical, tactile material is an important connection between a luxury brand and its audience – one that brands shouldn’t overlook.

Crafting a luxurious user experience

The Williams website is its shop window, a place to wow potential customers. Which means it has to mirror the high-end nature of the brand at every point – from the design to the imagery, the technical drawings to the copy.

We redesigned and rewrote the website, giving it a refined look and feel this incredible brand deserves. Not just to make the site look beautiful, but to convey the sense of trust and credibility that the Williams brand stands for to a discerning audience that only settles for the very best.


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