Giving Roomzzz room to be themselves

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Standing Apart from the Competition

Taking the lead for aparthotel chain, Roomzzz

We were invited by Parklane Groups to be the creative agency for their increasingly popular aparthotel brand Roomzzz. And having won the competitive pitch, we set to work doing just that.

roomzzz opening angle

Understanding the branding

Setting the right tone

The first step was to undertake a series of intensive brand development sessions to really understand how the Roomzzz brand works - their brand values, tone of voice and how and where their brand messaging interacts with their customers.

From their initial pitch through to their latest piece of creative, Woven have really impressed. They've quickly understood the Roomzzz brand and have delivered some really exciting work.

Alaine Swis - Head of Marketing, Parklane Group
Roomzzz Explore more Do More Email
Roomzzz Explore Do More Email Campaign

A brand-new brand experience

From our brand sessions we realised that Roomzzz offer their customers a beautiful boutique experience but do so in a uniquely quirky and charming way. It was therefore our job to create a brand aesthetic and tone of voice that harmonised both of these personalities into a strong and singular brand identity.

We set to work creating new guidelines for this new direction – and it was from this that the creative work followed.

Cross-platform Creativity

Personality at every turn

We wanted Roomzzz to express their personality at every audience touchpoint, from their brochures and social media feeds to their key cards and shop fronts.

These are the spaces where Roomzzz speak directly to their visitors, so it was vital that our illustrations, writers and designers deliver engaging, amusing and uniquely ownable messaging - all the things with which Roomzzz are associated.

After all, why have a boring 'do not disturb' sign when you can have a monkey hanging from a chandelier?


Combining our on-brand design and copy with the wonderful work created by illustrator Katie Edwards, we’ve rolled out numerous aparthotel-launch and awareness campaigns for Roomzzz , spreading their message across landing pages, email and social media.

Going beyond the digital world, we’ve created aparthotel brochures and even designed a shop-front graphic for their Manchester Corn Exchange aparthotel, bringing their unique style beyond the aparthotel and into the high street.