Keeping help close at hand



Supporting drivers in their hour of need

We were approached by the Renault Accident Support Line (RASL) to help take the stress out of having a car accident. Understanding that the last thing you need following an accident is more upheaval, our mobile app development team created a user experience that allows customers to simply and quickly submit a claim directly through the app.

Renault Accident Support Line App developed by Woven's mobile app development team


For help at the scene and beyond

Through our RASL mobile app, users are able to quickly access Renault's expertise to assist them at the scene of any accident and subsequently help with any repair work to get them back on the road with minimum hassle - regardless of who was at fault.

Woven were very professional, meeting deadlines and maintaining excellent communication.

Dharmesh Sethi - Insurance Relationship Manager, Renault UK
Renault's Accident Support Line mobile application


The app – available for iOS and Android – puts you in touch with trained UK-based handlers who deal with insurance claims in the event of an accident, providing total support and expertise all in the palm of your hand.


Providing peace of mind

Our free mobile app also features an advice section on what to do should you be involved in an accident, offers reminders of important dates such as when your car insurance is due, and stores key contact phone numbers in case of an emergency. So whilst having a car accident is never a nice experience, our app means that, should the worst happen, help is always close at hand.

We were extremely pleased with the results - and we weren't the only ones. The success of our RASL app led to fellow car manufacturers, Dacia, asking our mobile app development team to build an accident support app of their own.

An easy-to-use

iOS and
Android app


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