Bedding fit for royalty

The client and the challenge

Stitching excellence into every fibre.

Peter Reed creates bespoke linens of exceptional quality, bringing the designs of the world’s most prestigious hotels, renowned interior designers and even the Royal estate to our homes.

In fact, they’re so well-respected in the trade, they were approached by the producers of Downton Abbey for advice on luxury bed linen. They were even providing linens to the homes the multi-award winning series is based upon.

To help create a full brand experience that befits Peter Reed’s bedding heritage and expertise, we set to work on their brand positioning, web optimisation, design and copy.

Getting under the sheets

As always, it started with research and strategy. Our planning team met with key stakeholders to help reposition the brand, create buyer personas, audit the competitive landscape, and work out the brand’s ‘golden threads’: the core brand personality traits that we’d carry through to our design and messaging.

We gave Peter Reed a ‘Lover’ brand archetype — a personality ‘genre’ that gives them permission to seduce its audience with an elegant visual and verbal identity, one that matches the luxuriousness of its products.

A window into luxury

Peter Reed’s website is one of its most important features. By understanding the user journey and buyer personas, we optimised the online experience, making the website more functional and steering users to the conversion target: contacting a Peter Reed expert.

Following the theme set by our Lover archetype, our creative aim was to seduce the user with beautiful imagery and heritage-inspired copy. Our creative work not only told the Peter Reed story, it inspired trust and authority — crucial in convincing an audience to spend a lot of money on their bedding.