Feeling amazing? We’ve made it child’s play.

The client and the challenge

Creating the NSPCC’s first subscription product

In recent years, parents have become increasingly aware of the importance of mental health.

To help them start conversations about emotional resilience and wellbeing with their children — and to give children lifelong coping skills to prepare them for whatever the world might throw their way — the NSPCC and Woven teamed up to create the charity’s first ever monthly subscription product.

The big idea

Helping children crack the code to their emotions

The NSPCC team already had a core concept for the subscription product: helping children understand their emotions so they’re better able to turn negative feelings and situations into positive ones.

Our idea was to personify this positivity into an all-new fab four: the Amazing Me Codebreakers. Based on resilience, happiness, mindfulness and creativity, these four characters would help children crack the code to their emotions through a series of missions, activities and facts.

Woven has done an exceptional job jumping into the deep end on a multifaceted project requiring an understanding of the brand and an ability to ideate a new product on the fly. We’ve been blown away by your commitment and passion for the project. You are brilliant.”

Sonia Triki - Associate Head – Acquisition & Products, NSPCC

Your mission, should you choose to accept it…

Every month, we themed an activity pack around one of our Codebreaker characters: Resilient Raven, Creative Cai, Happy Hakeem and Mindful Milo.

Depending on which Codebreaker the pack was centred around, our team of creatives — with the NSPCC’s expert help — crafted a pack filled with missions, facts and activities to help children crack the code to their emotions, so they can deal with whatever life has to throw at them.

Packs full of character

It was vital that children could relate to our Codebreaker characters, so we made them a mixture of things little ones like to see and be: colourful, friendly, inspiring, imperfect, reflective, cheerful and positive.

A huge part of this relatability was the charming illustrative style we introduced, while the colour-soaked design and upbeat tone of voice we’ created means our readers — child or adult — will always see the bright side of life.