A Mark of luxury

The challenge

Furnishing Mark Whiteley with a whole new brand

Mark Asplin Whiteley Studios is furniture royalty. Since 1988, their work has adorned the world’s grandest hotels, homes and yachts with bespoke pieces that are as much art as they are furniture.  

However, the founder, Mark, felt the brand lacked the elegance, craft and backstory that goes into every piece they make. So he asked us to put things right.

The big idea

The heart of the matter

Our planning team spent a number of days with Mark and his colleagues to understand their history, what drives them, who their audiences are, and what sets them apart from their competitors.

Getting under the skin of the brand led us to a singular proposition that informed our creative: ‘Quality that can only be derived from a lifetime of devotion.’

Woven get right to the core and ethos of your company, providing incredible insights into what you’re about. This fosters a genuine trust and an integrity in the story, imagery and persona of the business. Brilliant people, brilliant work.”

Mark Whiteley — Founder, Mark Whiteley Studios

A lifetime in the making

From this proposition — as well as a trove of audience and market insight — came a creative route based around the idea of ‘A lifetime in the making.’ 

We created a tone of voice that championed the company’s heritage and its employees’ lifelong love affair of furniture and woodwork. And we crafted a design aesthetic that was elegantly timeless but with pops of colour to make it stand out from a sea of sameness that defines the sector. 

A mark for Mark.

Our new brand identity for Mark Whiteley is best summed up by the logomark. A merging of the initials ‘M’ and ‘W’, the serif logo reflects stability, craft and timelessness — which are all promises of the brand and its products.

We paired this with a scripted signature logo to represent the care and personal touch given to every product.

The result

From the central proposition to the logo, we’ve created a brand that feels as substantial and crafted as the pieces Mark Whiteley Studios create. 

With a story that celebrates devotion and skill, and an identity that combines classic and contemporary, it’s a brand that stands the test of time — and stands out from the crowd.