Through the pain barrier

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The client and the challenge

Helping patients living in pain by helping the practitioners who manage it.

We put our all into every piece of work we do. But when a groundbreaking start-up asked us to build them a brand that helps those living in pain, we felt an even greater responsibility to get it right.

Lumina is a collaborative of medical practitioners and patients joining together to help further the advancement of pain management. By treating patients in ways specifically geared towards them, Lumina and its accredited practitioners aim to help those living in pain, live beyond it.

The strategy

Branding from the ground up

We spent days workshopping with Lumina, understanding who they were, what they wanted to achieve and the benefits they’d bring to both patients and practitioners.

From this came a need to convey professionalism, empowerment and community with both patients and practitioners. This allowed us to craft their mission, vision, values, brand essence and brand archetype (The Sage) — the foundations of any brand, from which would stem the creative work.

We're very happy with the brand - the Woven team has delivered exceptional work.

David Loubser - Partner, Luxuriant Capital (Lumina investor)

The big idea

Throughout our discussions with the team, the idea of light kept coming back to us. Lumina would be a beacon of hope for those struggling to manage their pain and it would be an illuminatory experience for practitioners finding new, proven ways to better help their patients.

That’s where we got the name Lumina — a reference to that beacon of hope, and also a play on the scientific Age of Enlightenment, which in French is called le Siècle des Lumières.

The result

While our aesthetic (logo, colour palette, fonts) is consistent across the brand, we needed Lumina’s use of imagery and copy to flex depending on whether the brand was talking to practitioners or patients.

With patients, Lumina’s tone would be authoritative, hopeful and reassuring. Whereas with practitioners, it would be more technical, concise and community-driven.

But whatever the audience, our creative team has delivered a brand that looks authoritative and elegant yet welcoming and accessible.

See for yourself at Lumina’s website.


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