Woven Becomes HubSpot Gold Partner Agency

By Woven Agency, Monday June 10, 2019
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Woven is a Leeds-based HubSpot Gold Partner Agency. That means we’re helping more companies with their inbound marketing, boosting their businesses with inbound’s law of attraction methodology. And by doing just that, HubSpot, one of the world’s leading inbound marketing platforms, recognise us as a gold-standard agency.

As a Gold Partner Agency, we have to work to the highest inbound standards for our clients. So that if we don’t do the best for them, we aren’t recognised as one of the best by HubSpot.

The benefits of working with a HubSpot Gold Partner Agency

As an inbound agency, we help customers attract more prospects, convert those prospects into clients and then turn them into long-term customers.

Now, there are a few inbound marketing agencies out there (yes, full disclosure time: we’re not the only one), so in deciding which to work with, it’s good for prospective clients to see a golden seal of approval from such a well-respected marketing organisation such as HubSpot.

When you choose a HubSpot partner agency, you know you’re teaming up with a group of inbound experts with a proven pedigree in content marketing, SEO, digital, brand strategy – and many of the other tools needed to hit your growth goals. You’ll also be working with an agency that uses HubSpot’s support, software and tutelage to stay at the forefront of an industry that’s always changing.

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The benefits of working with Woven

We’re a HubSpot Gold Partner Agency for a reason, and that’s because HubSpot recognises that we excel at providing vital inbound marketing services to our customers:

Content marketing

From search engine-optimised website copy, VR and video to social media and blogs, we create distinctive, engaging and, above all, useful content to turn your viewers into customers.

Buyer personas

We create detailed buyer personas of your customer base, so that the content we create for you resonates with your target audiences. We make things personal because the more personalised the message, the more effective its impact.

Account-based marketing

We take the personal approach outlined above and combine it with exhaustive research to identify and target specific high-value accounts – and specific people within those accounts – that are the perfect match for you. Find out more about ABM here.

Growth-driven design

We don’t just create content, we create websites, too. And we do it by growth-driven design, which gives you a better-optimised, better-value site that delivers results more quickly than via the traditional build method.


Through HubSpot, we automate communication with prospects and join up your sales and marketing activity, so staying in touch with prospects and existing customers has never been quicker or easier.


By delivering these services – and more – to our clients, we create better-optimised and better-targeted content that raises their brand awareness and grows their client base. Even better, by delighting those clients in the long-term, we don’t just help get you new customers, we help you keep them, too.

Find out more about our inbound marketing packages and costs.

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