Introducing the HubSpot CMS Hub

By Rich Blyth, Thursday June 11, 2020
6 Minutes

HubSpot has just launched its HubSpot CMS Hub – an exciting new development of their content management system (CMS) platform. 

Positioned as a mid-market product, the HubSpot CMS Hub sits in the space between self-hosted platforms, such as WordPress, Wix and Squarespace, and enterprise solutions, such as Adobe Experience Manager and SiteCore.

The HubSpot CMS Hub comprises of two tiers, Enterprise and Professional. Both are designed to help growing companies of all sizes focus on delivering the best possible experience to their website visitors, while still working seamlessly with other HubSpot marketing, sales and service products.

As HubSpot Gold Partners, we got priority access to the exciting new features of CMS Hub; here are just a few we’re loving so far

More intuitive for marketers

Both Professional and Enterprise tiers feature a powerful drag-and-drop editor which means anyone can create flexible website themes and customised layouts or easily update web pages – all without the need for a developer or coding knowledge.

Built-in search engine optimisation (SEO) recommendation features will scan the website and identify opportunities to make improvements that assist with search engine ranking. 

Furthermore, new adaptive testing features let you choose up to five versions of a web page and HubSpot will monitor and automatically serve up the best-performing version to the website’s visitors. This level of automation gives marketers the best possible chance to get the right message out to their customers, while also giving users a more relevant and personalised experience.

The intuitive UI combined with improved levels of sales and marketing automation also means spending less time managing the CMS and more time growing your business. 

Additional tools such as live and automated chat tools really push your conversational marketing abilities, turning your business into a truly 24/7 proposition – vital for those who want to grow an international customer base.

More powerful for developers

Until now, writing the behind-the-scenes code for HubSpot-powered websites relied on using a prescribed, web-based interface. However, developers are more comfortable working in their ‘local’ environment, using the software and tools they’re familiar with. The HubSpot CMS Hub now offers full support so you can do just that.

This enhancement will make development projects more manageable, will facilitate collaboration via version control (for multiple developers working on a single project, for example) and could encourage new developers to start working with the HubSpot CMS platform as it is a more familiar workflow.

In addition, new Enterprise features will empower developers to build far more complex websites than was possible before using HubSpot CMS. Better integration with HubDB will make it easier to develop sophisticated features such as customer login areas/membership websites, bespoke tools and calculators.

HubSpot CMS Hub – everyone’s a winner

The HubSpot CMS has many benefits and is a big step forward for marketers and developers. Marketers can easily edit and create pages on their own, and present personalised versions of their work thanks to HubSpot’s adaptive testing tools. And developers can use it to build flexible themes and content structures using interfaces they’re familiar with. All of which means customers get a more personalised experience.

We’re really excited about the new release of the HubSpot CMS Hub here at Woven and have already begun to implement it into some of our upcoming projects. 
For more information about HubSpot’s CMS Hub and how it can help your business, get in touch.

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