The benefits of using HubSpot

By Woven Agency, Saturday August 3, 2019
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HubSpot is a growth platform made up of a number of different functionalities that work across a number of different departments within a business.

The marketing functionality of HubSpot enables you to easily create and host content to generate leads and nurture them to become qualified. This can be done through emails, CTAs, landing pages, blog content, forms, chatbots and event registrations.

Keep on top of your qualified leads and deals through the robust HubSpot CRM and sales automation process. HubSpot makes it easy for you to ensure no potential customers slip through the cracks. Oh, and say goodbye to those Excel spreadsheets of contacts…

Once you’ve got those customers, HubSpot’s Service pack allows your customers to log customer issues with your business, and lets your customer service teams manage and respond to them quickly and efficiently. This will help turn your customers into promoters of your business and enhance the experience they have with your brand.

Within each of these software packs, HubSpot provides detailed reporting and measurement of your activity. Having your marketing and sales efforts held within the one system makes it really easy for marketers to track the ROI to their outputs, something that 67% of CMOs agree they have real trouble doing.

From the funnel to the Flywheel
If all of the above hasn’t sold it to you, try and think of it like this. The marketing funnel is still widely used in the industry, but HubSpot has moved on from the funnel to the Flywheel.

All of your leads, no matter whether they’re strangers, prospects, customers or promoters, will benefit from and be open to consuming useful content from your business. If you’re creating content that helps them with their challenges in their role or that’s specific and informative to their industry, it can only benefit your relationship with them and, in turn, increase sales.

Historically, marketing teams go away and create lots of lovely useful content to draw in and generate new leads (if they’re practising inbound marketing, that is). Which is proven to be a really beneficial and effective use of content. 

“HubSpot improves the volume and quality of leads you generate, your customer conversion rate and, most importantly, your revenue.”

However, the HubSpot Flywheel maximises the use of your content by making it relevant at all stages of the process. This way, your content can have specific goals depending on whether it’s speaking to strangers, prospects, customers or promoters. 

Ask yourself this: how often would your business create content specifically for existing customers with a view to converting them into promoters? By creating content with the Flywheel in mind, you can spot the gaps your content could fill with the aim of moving people along the sales cycle.

HubSpot templates
Another key benefit our customers and clients have experienced when working on HubSpot campaigns are the HubSpot templates. When you’re working in the digital realm, development and the creation of email templates and landing pages is typically the longest process and the most difficult to get right.

The vast amount of templates available on HubSpot makes this process much smoother and quicker than traditional ways of working on other platforms. Within a matter of minutes, you can create a series of emails, a landing page with a form and have your content live.

However, if you can’t find a template to suit your needs or you have a very distinctive brand look and feel you want to convey in your HubSpot content, you can create bespoke templates and designs. This process will require input from a developer, but once you have those templates you can very easily clone the assets, repopulate them with new content and have a number of different campaigns or pieces of content live.

HubSpot automation
We wouldn’t be able to talk about HubSpot without mentioning automation. Investing time in mapping out your workflows and pinpointing where each piece of content fits into your campaign may feel like a timely investment initially. But, once your content is live and your workflows are in full flow, it won’t be long before you see the benefits of marketing automation.

Telling HubSpot which specific email to send a lead depending on the page in which they converted not only saves you time in the long run, but also enhances the personalisation element of your content and campaign. No one likes to feel like they’re one of many in a list, so sending content that specifically relates to what you know about the user will cut through the noise and increase the pace at which they become qualified.

In summary, there are a lot of advantages of HubSpot, but the big one is that it improves the volume and quality of leads you generate, the conversion to customers rate and, most importantly, your revenue. 

Now, who wouldn’t want more of that?

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