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Inbound marketing is a way of attracting and engaging qualified prospects and turning them into long-standing customers.

Unlike traditional forms of marketing that disrupt people’s lives to steal attention – TV, print and radio – inbound marketing focuses on making you the most useful, most memorable and most easily found brand in your field, so that when someone’s looking for someone like you, well, they find you.

In simple terms, inbound marketing is the art of being the magnet, not the megaphone – the honey, not the bee.

Inbound helps with your…

Inbound marketing

Inbound marketing

Inbound is the philosophy of being so darn interesting, entertaining and educational to your target audience that you turn visitors into leads and leads into repeat customers.

HubSpot marketing

HubSpot marketing

From sales automation to building websites, content strategy to aligning sales and marketing, HubSpot helps you save time, generate more leads and make more profit.

content marketing

Content marketing

Content marketing isn’t just about what you say, it’s about how and where you say it – so you get your message to the right people at the right time.

Conversational marketing

Conversational marketing

By talking to customers with targeted messaging apps and intelligent chatbots, conversational marketing is one of the fastest ways to move your customers through the buyer’s journey.

video marketing

Video content marketing

There’s no more engaging medium than video content marketing. Use it to amplify your reach, attract more people to you and improve your website’s conversion rate.

Sales and marketing alignment

Sales and marketing alignment

Inbound brings your sales and marketing teams closer together to bring in better quality leads and close deals more easily.

Account-based marketing

Account-based marketing

By combining a strategic approach to the accounts you should be targeting and inbound marketing’s personalised methodology, you’ll win bigger and better accounts perfectly suited to your skillset.

Growth-driven design

Growth-driven design

Growth-driven design is a smarter, quicker and more cost-effective way to build websites. No more large up-front costs, no more lengthy builds, no more guesswork. Instead, a website that’s quick to launch, constantly optimised and based on user insights.

Woven, your inbound marketing agency

Inbound Marketing Agency

With a highly experienced team of creative thinkers and doers, we’re perfectly placed to plan and produce your inbound marketing campaigns.

At Woven, we will identify your ideal client type known in inbound terms as a ‘persona’ to create the content that attracts them to you and instil the best practices within your business to keep them coming back.

From the thinkers – our inbound marketing strategists and analysts – to the doers – our designers, videographers and copywriters – with Woven, you’ll have access to the full suite of experts needed to get your inbound strategies off the ground and into the stratosphere.

But you don’t just have to take our word for it. Woven is a HubSpot Gold Partner Agency, which means we’re trusted by HubSpot, the world’s leading inbound marketing platform to deliver gold-standard results for our clients.

Why go inbound?

Inbound marketing is all about generating more leads, more sales and more profits, whilst reducing the time, effort and money spent on winning new business.

Inbound achieves this by using a series of strategic methodologies and tactical tools across your business.

This might be brand positioning work so you can understand the ideal clients you should be chasing. It might be writing automated emails to nurture prospects and communicate with long-term customers. It might be building a website – and optimising its content. It might be that brilliantly useful blog that positions you as an expert voice in your field. It might be that killer piece of social media that goes viral.

But, to get the most out of inbound marketing it’s not about using some of these tools, it’s about using all of them as part of a joined-up, strategic approach.

The end result is that inbound not only improves your marketing output, it transforms your entire business.

Generate more sale with inbound marketing

Inbound not only improves your marketing output, it transforms your entire business.

HubSpot marketing

Hubspot Partners

The power to make content more personalised and relevant to your leads, resulting in higher conversion rates.

HubSpot is inbound marketing, sales and service software that generates leads and lets you effortlessly manage communications with prospects and customers through the inbound process.

With HubSpot marketing, you can easily build and modify website content, emails, landing pages, forms, CTA buttons and blog content for your clients – without the need for costly IT departments. And with the content done, you can put it in front of the right people through HubSpot’s detailed buyer persona tools, content strategy workshops and in-built SEO functions.

Beyond this, HubSpot’s intuitive CRM system and automated workflows mean you can easily enter contact details, log client relationship history and stay in regular contact with prospects and customers. This means you can make content more personalised and relevant to your leads, resulting in higher conversion rates.

Hubspot Agency

Attract. Engage. Delight.

Once the leads have been nurtured, they move to the sales process. The sales element of HubSpot gives sales teams valuable knowledge of the lead, making it easier for them to seal the deal.

Sales email templates can be created within HubSpot and shared amongst the team, so they spend less time writing and more time selling.

HubSpot’s notifications and tracking functions alert you when prospects are opening your emails or visiting your website, so you know when best to follow up, increasing the likelihood of turning leads into clients.

HubSpot pipelines allow sales teams to forecast the deals nearest to closing, whilst sales performance data can be quickly accessed – so no more manual data collection and reporting.

The conversation inbox in HubSpot collates customer communications from emails, forms, live chat and Facebook Messenger in one place. This information, combined with that gained from the marketing and sales processes, gives your customer service teams all the knowledge they need at their fingertips.

See how HubSpot could transform your business

Content Marketing

Content marketing

Agency for content marketing

Got something you want people to know? Then it’s time to shout loud and proud about it.

Perhaps the key component of your inbound approach, content marketing is all the ways in which you can get your message out there.

This takes many forms (okay, take a deep breath, here goes): brand strategy, web design and development, copywriting, brand guidelines, blogs, social media, press releases, online banner and PPC advertising, print, influencer campaigns, video, augmented and virtual reality…

The list goes on, but essentially you can break it down into three parts:

Content strategy

Content strategy

Working out what your business should be shouting about and the media channels you should be shouting on.

Content creation

Content creation

Getting your creative teams to write, design, video shoot and illustrate content that’ll grab attention, stop thumbs scrolling and turn prospects into customers.

Content optimisation

Content optimisation

Once the content is out there, via websites, landing pages, email or social, it’s important to constantly analyse performance and make improvements accordingly.

It’s not just what you say…

Content marketing isn’t just how well you say something, it’s how well you get the message out there.

Which is why Woven’s content marketing is underpinned by search engine optimisation (SEO) that gets your website to the top of the Google pages your customers are looking for.

It’s supported by website conversion rate optimisation (CRO) that turns more of your viewers into customers.

It’s enabled by marketing automation and artificial intelligence that removes repetition and lets you get on with what matters most.

And it’s overseen by distribution strategists who understand how, when and where best to get your content out there for maximum effect.

Woven is an all-in-one content marketing agency. This means we have experts in all these fields – from strategy to optimisation, design to copywriting – to make sure your content marketing campaign puts your brand across in the right way, to the right people and at the right time.

Content marketing

We turn content into customers

Conversational marketing

Conversational marketing

One of the best pieces of marketing advice is never to let warm leads go cold. We’ve all heard of companies losing customers because they’ve been too busy to follow up on the lead.

Another important slice of advice is to make your marketing communications sound as human as possible. From advertising to emails, the more real you sound, the more interested people will be.

Conversational marketing understands the importance of these two elements and works to give customers a faster response time so that warm leads don’t go cold. At the same time, it focuses on making your business messaging more personal and more relatable by using the same communication methods that we all use in our everyday lives.

So, what does conversational marketing look like?

People love to communicate via messaging apps. It’s quick, easy and – here’s the magic word – conversational.

Through such apps and AI-based chatbots, conversational marketing gets rid of the hoops people have to jump through to talk to you. Instead of asking forcing your customers to fill in forms, write emails or leave phone messages – and inevitably wait days for a response – your messaging software means you can engage with them when they’re on your site.

Why use conversational marketing?

The existing ways don’t work

  • 1 Only 43% of people answer cold calls
  • 2 The average email open rate is falling and stands at just 21%
  • 3 The average landing page conversion rate is 2.35%

Learn more about your leads

Lead forms gather info but they don’t provide context. By conversing with people via messaging apps and bots, you can easily find out why they visited your site, what their paint points and what they expect from you. This helps you build strong relationships with your prospects from the get-go.

mores leads

Engage more leads

Real-time conversations engage better because they reflect how people like to communicate in today’s world and allow you to respond immediately. Chatbots also make you available 24/7, so that even when you sleep, your business doesn’t.

reduce your sales cycle

Reduce your sales cycle

With conversational marketing, you learn more about your leads from the beginning, giving you a better picture of how to best meet their needs more quickly. This means you can more quickly convince leads that you’re the right business for them.

increase website conversions

Join a growing trend

According to Gartner, 25% of customer service operations will use chatbots by 2020 – up from just 2% in 2017. During the same time period, 30% of all businesses will use AI to support at least one of their primary sales processes.

conversational marketing agency

Ideal for inbound

As a means of making your business as simple as possible to communicate with, conversational marketing is an ideal tool to maximise your inbound efforts.

Conversational marketing has seen companies boost their website conversion rates by up to ten times.

How conversational marketing works

1Get started

Integrate chatbots and AI solutions into your website to enable quick, simple and natural-sounding conversations with your prospects.

2Respond in real-time

Respond in person or via your chatbot in real-time so that you immediately engage your leads and stop them from going cold.

3Nail the copywriting

Ensure your chatbot has a great script, one that uses open-ended questions and stays true to your brand tone of voice.

4Set up the meet

Connect your conversations to your existing CMS and calendars so your lead can schedule a meeting, phone or email exchange.

5Seal the deal

Having secured a meeting and learned lots about your lead’s needs and wants, you’re well-armed to seal the deal at your follow-up meeting.

Work with a Drift Marketing partner agency

drift agency partner

We work with conversational pioneers Drift Marketing to integrate a conversational marketing platform into our clients’ inbound marketing processes.

Drift has helped over 150,000 businesses improve their communications, attract more leads and generate more profit, and we’re proud to be a Drift Partner Agency. Which means that when you work with us, you get our full-service marketing expertise as well as our specialist knowledge of how to make conversational marketing grow your business.

Turn more leads into customers with conversational marketing

Video content marketing

video marketing agency

By 2021 video will account for 82% of internet traffic.

Video marketing forms part of content marketing, but we think it deserves its own place in the spotlight – and for good reason.

In this time-poor, perma-connected world, people are consuming content in ever-decreasing snippets. Which makes video content and video advertising an ideal format for that 15-minute train commute, 20-minute lunch break or for when you’ve crashed out at home with a glass or two of pinot.

Now, we don’t buy into the oft-quoted stat that 65% of people are visual learners (people learn in all sorts of ways), but we do think people respond well to video content.

A Wyzowl study found that 68% of consumers prefer to learn about new products or services via a short video, whilst 62% of respondents to a HubSpot survey said they consumed video content thoroughly instead of just skimming it. No surprise, then, that by 2021 video will account for 82% of internet traffic.

Video content marketing is also becoming cheaper, easier and quicker to produce. No longer do you need expensive cameras, booms and mics. Your editing software doesn’t need an eye-watering annual license fee. Instead, you just need something to say and someone with the confidence to say it in front of the camera.

Of course, video marketing still takes time and skill. Which means it takes money. But by reallocating existing, poorly optimised and ineffective media spend into quality, shareable content that creates real value, less media spend is needed, as the content is shared among a receptive and engaged target audience, amplifying organic reach whilst building trust and brand loyalty.

Get more engagement with your video content

Sales and marketing alignment

Inbound marketing encourages greater sales and marketing alignment so that you get the best out of both worlds.

Let’s use the power of metaphor for a moment and picture your business as a fishing boat.

In this scenario, your marketing team is the fishing line in the sea. Hopefully, you’ve got a few in there – a website, PPC adverts, a social media campaign – enticing fish to take the bait.

Then, look lively, you’ve got a bite. It’s time for your marketing team to hand over to the fisherman – your sales team – and reel it in.

But imagine if your fisherman had been told by the fishing line how likely they were to make the catch, the best times to reel it in or to feed it some line, and how valuable the fish would be.

And imagine if, thanks to their experience, the fishermen could explain the best kind of bait to use, the lures that attracted most fish, the best spots to weigh anchor.

This is the dream of sales and marketing alignment: each side using their skills and expertise to make the other half – and therefore the whole operation – stronger.

Inbound marketing, with its targeted and personalised approach, filters out poor-quality leads, so your sales team will spend more time closing instead of convincing.

And by feeding back via a CRM system like HubSpot, your sales team can inform your marketers about what worked well, and thus be replicated, and what worked less well, and thus be amended for next time.

All of which means an increasingly efficient, more productive and more profitable operation.

So, happy fishing out there.

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Account-based marketing

account based marketing

Account-based marketing turns those fishes into whales.

Account-based marketing takes a different approach to standard B2B marketing strategies. Instead of targeting a wide range of audiences, account-based marketing focuses sales and marketing resources on a defined list of high-value target accounts.

Remember that fishing metaphor we just spoke about (how could you forget?), well, by focusing your efforts on high-value, highly prized clients, account-based marketing turns those fishes into whales.

It uses data analysis and research to work out precisely the kinds of accounts – and the suitable people within them – you need to target by way of highly personalised communications. The overall aim is to ensure your sales and marketing efforts are more productive so that your marketing team can target better prospects and your sales team can convert more easily.

Account-based marketing uses classic inbound methods – creating personalised, engaging and automated content – to attract your target’s attention. Because you’ve taken the time to research your ideal account (and the people within them via buyer personas), the content you create will be highly relevant to them. As such, they will be a ‘warm’ lead should they respond to you – either through direct contact, by completing a contact form or by leaving their details after downloading your white paper, ebook or other gated content.

The benefits of account-based marketing

account based marketing agency

Plays to your strengths

You target those customers your company
is most geared-up to work with.

target customers online

Targets high-value accounts

Getting your creative teams to write, design, video shoot and illustrate content that’ll grab attention, stop thumbs scrolling and turn prospects into customers.

improve conversions

Takes things personally

You stand out from the competition by providing the personal touch.

Builds stronger relationships

Builds stronger relationships

By spending more time with key clients, you forge stronger relationships.

targeting strategically chosen customers

Reduces waste

By targeting strategically chosen customers, you spend less time chasing cold leads.

strategic marketing agency

Gets results

Marketing service community, ITSMA, say that account-based marketing delivers the highest ROI of any B2B marketing strategy.

Learn everything you need to know about how to implement account-based marketing

Growth-driven design

A well-optimised, peak-performing website is essential to an inbound marketing strategy. After all, your website is where people go to find out about you, your products and contact details.

Your website is often what all your other marketing activity is driving people to, which means it’s got to look the part, read well and offer an intuitive, friction-free user experience.

And it’s because websites are so important that we take the growth-driven design approach to building them.

Growth-driven design is a smarter way to build websites, one that removes the pain points usually associated with web development, such as large up-front investments, inefficient builds and a final result built on opinions rather than user data.

Growth-driven design requires less time and money up front but rewards continual iteration as you analyse what your users are getting out of your site – and make amends accordingly.

Growth-driven design

What growth-driven design (GDD) means:

gdd agency

A quicker build

Build and launch a leaner site that does all you need it to at the start.

improve website conversions

Constant improvement

Harness user data to make ongoing additions and improvements to your site.

CRO agency

No large up-front costs

Spread the cost of the build over time and easily manage cash-flow.

growth driven design marketing

No ‘development hell’

Say goodbye to deadline-busting builds that go vastly over budget.

Our growth-driven design method:

improve website conversion rate

The strategy

Understanding your audience, their needs and how your website will meet them.

onsite conversion optimisation

The lift-off

Building a new website that puts your old one to shame and has huge future potential.

GDD agency leeds

The optimisation

Analysing user data to constantly improve your website and maximise its conversion rate.

Speak to a growth-driven design specialist

If you have any questions about how growth-driven design (GDD) works or about how it would enable you to meet your business objectives contact us.