5 key benefits of using a HubSpot Partner Agency

By Woven Agency, Friday July 5, 2019
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As an inbound marketing agency, we help our clients get noticed online, bring more visitors to their websites and, through conversion rate optimisation, convert more leads into customers. 

In achieving this, we use an inbound marketing platform called HubSpot. They provide a brilliant CRM system that helps us stay on top of our client relationships, sales pipeline management and marketing automation. They’re also expert marketers (hey, like us), and produce lots of great marketing material to help us all stay at the top of our game.

So, why is this important for those looking for an inbound marketing agency? Because HubSpot is the industry’s leading inbound platform, and if your partner agency is HubSpot-certified, it’s as close to a guarantee of good results as you can get.

Here’s why you should use a HubSpot partner agency.

1. You gain access to HubSpot’s knowledge
Anyone that works with Woven gets access to a full-service team of experts, from brand strategists to SEO specialists, designers to copywriters, social media experts to web developers. 

But, through us, what they also get is access to HubSpot’s ever-growing inbound marketing expertise. We regularly study tutorials and sit exams on topics such as growth-driven design, conversion rate optimisation and user experience, so we stay at the forefront of our industry and give our clients access to the most up-to-date information and marketing techniques out there. 

This is especially important in the online world, where inbound marketing is constantly evolving. How you connect with people, raise brand awareness and convert customers on your website is very different to how it was just a few years ago, and that pace of change is only going to get faster. 

As such, a lot of clients don’t have the time or expertise to keep up. But when you work with a HubSpot agency, you know you’re working with a dedicated team of marketers who can take care of this for you, so you can get on with the day-to-day running of the business. 

All of which means that when you work with us, you get both our skills and HubSpot’s. Which is quite the combination.

HubSpot helps us be at our best, ensuring our clients get the best return on their investment when they work with us.

2. You become more visible
Inbound marketing is about creating content that appeals to people already interested in what you have to offer and getting it out there to as many of those people as possible.

At Woven, we use HubSpot to create content such as landing pages, email campaigns, optimised social media campaigns and growth-driven design websites that enhance your online brand. 

To support this, we use search engine marketing, search engine optimisation and buyer persona techniques (more on that later) to amplify your brand’s reach and get you in front of more of the right kind of people. So that when someone is searching for a business like yours, they find you and not your competitors. 

Finally, we use HubSpot’s conversion rate optimisation tools to make sure that whenever someone visits your main website or specific landing page, there is as strong a chance as possible that they become a customer.

3. You become more efficient
As a HubSpot partner agency, we save our clients time by automating many of their manual tasks. Sales processes can be repetitive, time-consuming and susceptible to human error, as busy people forget to follow up warm leads and let them go cold. 

To avoid this, we use HubSpot throughout the sales pipeline, from entering their contact details in the system to setting up automated email chains that ensure leads never go cold. 

Through HubSpot sales automation processes, we ensure that you: 

  • don’t leave leads to go cold
  • don’t spend endless hours inputting details into your CRM platform
  • always remember your client relationship history and easily recall those key bits of information that will impress your clients
  • automate your sales emails and meeting sequences to save time
  • automate your proposals to make them easier and quicker to complete
  • score your leads automatically, so you know where best to prioritise your time

For more details, read our blog on how HubSpot sales automation can help save your business time and help it grow.

4. Your sales team will love you
HubSpot’s inbound marketing process is all about attracting the right kind of leads so that your sales team spend less time chasing low-quality prospects and more time sealing deals. 

Using HubSpot’s buyer persona tool, we paint a detailed picture of what clients’ ideal customers look like. From their name, age and job title to their dreams, desires and fears, we create buyer personas that help our clients clearly see the kind of people they should be targeting. 

This helps us create content – from landing pages to email campaigns – that’s personal to the user, that resonates more with them and that encourages greater engagement and conversion rates. 

Personalised calls-to-action perform 212% better than generic ones.


This personalised approach not only makes your marketing material more effective, it means that your sales team will receive more qualified, warmer leads that are easier for them to convert. 

Combined with HubSpot’s automated sales tools, as mentioned above, and it’s clear that HubSpot partner agencies such as Woven can maximise sales and marketing alignment, so you get the best out of both teams.

5. You get peace of mind
It’s no secret that there are a few inbound marketing agencies out there. Which, for prospective clients, can be a bit of a head-scratcher when deciding who they should pick to help them with their marketing. Wouldn’t it be nice, therefore, if an independent third party could lend a helping hand? 

Well, in essence, for those wondering which agency to hire, that’s what HubSpot is. How so? Well, because you don’t get to be a HubSpot gold partner agency without HubSpot being pleased with the work you do. 

Being a HubSpot partner means HubSpot trust us to do great work for our clients. It’s their seal of approval that acts as a testimonial for those needing an agency, assuring them that they’re choosing a reputable, results-oriented marketing partner. 

In summary
Teaming up with a HubSpot partner agency not only gives you access to the skillset of the agency itself, it gives you the combined know-how of one of the world’s leading marketing platforms.

And through implementing HubSpot’s inbound marketing techniques and sales automation tools, you attract more better-quality leads, align your sales and marketing teams and save time by automating manual tasks.

Contact us today to find out how working with a HubSpot gold partner agency can boost your business.

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