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Experiential Marketing

Pop-up stalls, trade shows, VR stunts and sponsored installations are all examples of experiential marketing — where a brand wraps their product up in a memorable, hands-on experience that encourages brand intrigue, recall and loyalty. And, of course, sales.

Experiential marketing creates a competitive advantage by bringing brands to the forefront of a customer's thinking via engaging and innovative interaction that separates them from the herd.


Our brains are funny things. They forget what day of the week it is but starkly recall the time we dropped our lunch in front of the entire school when we were seven years old.

This is because we recall unusual or emotionally charged events more than we do everyday ones. Experiential marketing taps into this by creating innovative or emotive moments around brands and products. By connecting with consumers through through experiences, brands foster that vital ingredient between themselves and their audience – salience.

And in a crowded marketplace, salience can be the difference between success and failure.


Newness is shareable, especially in the digital arena, where every customer and follower is a potential amplifier of your brand.

It's worth remembering that 49% of those who attend consumer events create mobile videos — the majority of which are shared on social.

Doing something unique through experiential marketing is a great way to bolster your earned media and build buzz around your business, whether you're a start-up, launching a new brand or releasing a new line of products.


You'd be forgiven for thinking that experiential marketing is reserved for well-known or luxury brands: Adidas' shoebox store, flying in Guinness Class, Maserati taxis to and from private jets.

But experiential marketing can be used to promote almost anything. Indeed, that's one of the benefits of the medium: it encourages you to think creatively about what you do and how you can make it interesting to your audience.

In fact, if your industry is one of the less exciting ones (financial advisors, we're looking at you), experiential marketing gives you a perfect opportunity to stand out.

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