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Content is king, as Bill Gates said back in 1996 – and it’s as true now as it ever was. Sure, you might have a killer product or service, but without engaging digital, printed or video content you’ll be all but invisible.Consider this: TV programmes, from mass-market soaps to masterpiece dramas, are, first and foremost, content designed to pull in a specific audience for the purpose of firing tailored advertising at them. In fact, ‘soap operas’ are so-called because they were sponsored by soap companies for this precise purpose. Now that’s not just a cool bit of trivia you can wheel out at parties, it’s a symbol of just how powerful content marketing is - that something as iconic as Coronation Street is the result of a marketing idea. So, yeah, content is still king. But, as entrepreneur Gary Vaynerchuk says, marketing is queen – and she runs the household. So the question is: how do you obey your queen and get your house in order? Well, as is often the case, successful content is a question of what, how, who, where and when.

What, How?

Your brand exists at the intersection of your audience’s interests and your desire and ability to satisfy those interests. So, when it comes to what your content should say, you talk about what your audience wants to hear. What do they want, love, need? What aspirations or problems do they have that you can fill or resolve? And how do you do it better than your competitors?As for the how, well, that’s trickier than it may first appear. Have you got your brand guidelines and tone of voice sorted? Know how to run a successful email campaign? Can you write snappy, memorable blogs that people actually want to read? Can you shoot video content and write scripts? Have you done SEO keyword research? Do you use inbound marketing tools such as HubSpot?If so, great! But if not, never fear, because that’s where we come in…

Who, Where, When?

So, you know what, you know how. But hold your horses - you shouldn't get all creative until you’ve considered your content strategy’s who, where and when.Have you created detailed buyer personas and should your content vary depending on their characteristics? Where does your audience reside? Do they love social media – and, if so, which channels? – or are they wedded to more traditional advertising media? And when are they most engaged with their preferred channels?


Yep, we know, that's a lot of questions - sorry about that. But it’s only when you understand all the above that you can create a winning content strategy. What’s more, it should be underpinned by regular social listening, so you can build meaningful relationships with your audience, and social monitoring, so you’ll know how to optimise your content for maximum reach, engagement, lead generation and conversion.Content marketing isn't just about sending the odd blog into the digital ether for it to be ignored like that guy you used to know at parties (you know the one I mean). It's a joined-up approach that involves strategists, content creators and analysts working together to get the most out of your marketing. So get your whole team behind it - or ours! - and you'll see just why content is king... and queen.

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