Starting a movement to stop ageism

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A new way to look at older age

Smashing ageist barriers

The brief from STOPageism – a global network raising awareness of age discrimination – couldn’t be clearer. Our challenge was to bring down ageist myths and barriers by promoting the value of older people in society.

New thinking about older living

Rewriting the script

Our planners got to work identifying why ageism is so entrenched within society - a self-defeating phenomenon considering that ageism affects everyone. After all, we're either older now or we hope to be in the future.

We discovered that ageism often begins with the language we use. Our society has constructed a narrative that champions youth and discounts age. The result? We've created a single, negative definition of what ‘old’ means and disregarded the joyful diversity within what is a huge and varied group of people.

It's clear the script needed changing to recognise the resilience, independence and worth of older people instead of painting them as vulnerable, dependent and redundant.

By keeping older people front and centre, we can actively tackle these issues but also ensure the incredible 1917- type tales from a bygone era aren’t lost within our modern society.

Eugene Marchese - founder and director of Guild Living


So far, we’ve put the STOPageism message on websites, landing pages and social media. But we’re not stopping there. Working with the STOPageism partners, we’ll be carrying the STOPageism gospel far and wide – on TV, on billboards, in print. Who knows, maybe even to Number 10. Whatever it takes to make ageism a thing of the past.

The right tools for the job

Using our insights, we developed a STOPageism brand with bold design, typography and messaging to consign ageism to the history books.

We designed, wrote and developed the STOPageism website, a platform where people can learn more about the issue and join the growing movement.

And we developed a STOPageism toolkit so that businesses, charities and other interested parties can easily pick up the baton and spread the STOPageism gospel to their followers in a consistent, unified way.