Anything but antiquated


Something borrowed, something new

We were challenged to bring the Society of Antiquaries’ digital presence firmly into the modern era whilst emphasising key elements of their existing website, such as their exhibitions and events calendar. A fully responsive website, a full-on digital transformation.

To do this, we introduced a clean, editorial-style layout to their site that presents the Society’s treasure trove of information in a simple-to-digest and easily navigable format – one that works seamlessly across tablet, desktop and mobile.

Image showing digital transformation of Society of Antiquaries' responsive website across tablet and laptop


Maximising resources

A key aim was to improve public awareness of the Society's available resources. As such, links to their events, grant opportunities, stunning library, museum collections, and impressive venues available for hire were added to the homepage, accompanied with carefully curated and impactful imagery. We also ensured that events bookings - a crucial source of Society income - are managed internally, making the process easier and creating opportunities for data capture.

As a charity, it's the generous support from both Society Fellows and the public that allows the Society to meet their commitments. As such, we ensured that donations can now be received directly through the website, simplifying the process and allowing staff to directly manage their funding.

Woven provided a fresh and friendly new design for our website. They were very responsive throughout, and provided useful and practical feedback and guidance. We’re looking forward to continuing our partnership.

Renée LaDue - Communications Officer, The Society of Antiquaries of London
How the digital transformation of Society of Antiquaries looks across multiple platforms


Understanding how important the Fellows community is to the Society, we updated the Fellows Area into an interactive and engaging hub, allowing members to create their own online profiles and share articles with other Fellows. Further, the new search function lets users find other Fellows based on interests or location and participate in regional group discussions. Details in this area are automatically updated on the CMS system, which also sends out subscription reminders for membership renewals.


A stronger brand

We also made the Society's site the home of Kelmscott Manor - previously hosted on a separate microsite. A Grade I-listed property of cultural pre-eminence and a jewel in the Society's crown, it was important to bring Kelmscott under the Society's digital umbrella as part of the brand strategy, to improve the awareness and strength of both brands.

With Kelmscott now a firmly established part of the Royal Society's offering, we'll be continuing our 4-year relationship with the Society and launching a new Kelmscott website later in the year.



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