A website and app to rule the waves

The challenge

Crafting an online experience as impressive as a Princess yacht.

For seven years, the Princess Yachts website we designed and built has done the brand proud, engaging audiences across the world. 

But with the site’s Umbraco V7 platform being phased out, we took the opportunity not just to replatform the site, but to redesign and rebuild it.

The big idea

Simple and sumptuous

The brief for the project was clear: simplify, beautify and certify Princess Yachts as one of the most glamorous and aspirational brands in the world.

The site had to balance desirability with usability and product with lifestyle. We wanted it to feel modern, light and fresh — with none of the complex gimmickry that often define yachting websites.

“The Princess team are really happy with the new website. We’ve worked closely with them over the past few months to ideate, design and build a website that shows their boats at their best.”

Ben Grover — Account Director, Woven

Always the same. Always different.

While every website we make is different, they’re all born from understanding the audience. Who’s using the site? What do they want to get from it? What’s the right balance between action-based UX and brand-based beauty?

Once we understand the most important people in the process — the users — we can get to work designing a website that works for all audience subsets and that combines brand experience with user efficacy.

One app to rule them all

We didn’t just refresh the website — we took Princess’s two separate sales and events apps and rolled them into one. 

The new cross-platform app allows for easier communication between the Princess teams, while its user journey and interface is clean, simple to use and puts customer and product data within easy reach.

The result

Having built a website inspired by the brand, its user personas and the luxury sector at large, the initial results are very encouraging. The average engagement time across the site has gone up 42%, while on key pages the bounce rate is down 82% (about us page) and 48.8% (homepage). 

Engagement on key yacht model pages has also improved, with engagement rates up 69.6% on the Y95 and 88.7% on the flagship X95. 

See the results for yourself here.