Turning a brand into a masterpiece

The client

Making Halstock's brand as beautiful as the rooms they make

Halstock are joiners, cabinet makers and craftspeople who make bespoke interiors of unparalleled quality.

Of course, such quality doesn’t come cheap, and Halstock’s brand has to justify its deserved price tag at every touchpoint.

They felt the current brand wasn’t quite doing this and before approaching us, Halstock were sometimes perceived as too expensive compared to the competition. This was an injustice, considering Halstock are among the best in the business.

To remedy this, we repositioned the brand, turning it into something every bit as inspiring, exciting and smart as the people behind it.

The challenge

Switching the focus

Having got to know the Halstock team through a series of strategy workshops, one thing became clear: they’re a humble bunch.

They might be craftspeople of exceptional skill, but instead of the beauty they create, they emphasised their processes, budgeting, and time-keeping. All good stuff, but a little shy of the majesty of their end product.

It was our job to switch their thinking a little, focusing more on what they make — and not just on the processes they use to make them.

Summing up this new approach would be a proposition that perfectly positions them to their clients, whether interior designers, architects or end users.

"The work is overwhelmingly positive — and you guys are like spring sunshine. Thanks, Woven, for everything."

Simon Elliott — Managing Director, Halstock

How we did it

To firmly establish this shift in thinking at the heart of the brand — one that celebrates the result as much as the process — we gave Halstock a Creator brand archetype

This was inspired by none other than Leonardo Da Vinci: an inventor, an engineer and a perfectionist. He used his analytical and enquiring mind to create works of timeless art. 

Halstock work the same way. Through precision, clever thinking, experimentation and a dedication to beauty, they create interiors that leave people astounded. 

Inspired by Da Vinci and our Creator archetype, we underpinned the brand with a central proposition: We make any space a masterpiece.

Setting the tone

We also took Halstock through the rest of our ‘soul-searching’ brand position model.

Based on the Creator archetype, we crafted a mission and vision that emphasises the importance of what they make and how they make it.

Then we put together tone of voice guidelines that champion the use of creative language without compromising clarity, effectiveness and the welcoming nature of the people who make Halstock what it is.

The result

Finally, we created Halstock’s new visual identity. 

While the design had to echo the high-end nature of the product and audience, our new Creator spirit saw us introduce evocative new colours, typography and imagery that celebrate the majesty and the minutiae of Halstock’s work.

Halstock are now armed with an intriguing brand story that celebrates who they are, what they do and how they do it. We’ve given them an identity that makes them modern yet timeless, creative yet cultured. 

And sat at the heart of all this is a Da Vinci-inspired Creator personality that does the brand, its people and its products full justice.