Localising a global brand

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An international reputation, a local presence

In their own words, Autodesk ‘make software for people who make things’. From this simple truth we devised a three-step process to improve their international SEO in a way that was targeted to the user’s nationality:

Step one, find the ‘people who make things’.

Step two, find out why they might need an Autodesk product.

Step three, make it easier for them to find Autodesk.

We were also tasked with identifying new industries that could utilise Autodesk’s software and provide these potential buyers with landing pages, useful content, and easy-to-follow signposts to the point of purchase.

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Opportunity knocks

Using localised keyword research to uncover new global opportunities

We conducted rigorous, localised research into the search habits of both current and potential Autodesk customers in the UK, France, and Germany, uncovering a wealth of possible new industries to target and new sales avenues to explore.

I’ve previously worked with Woven & love their analytical approach to improvement. When we thought we’d done all we could we reached out to these guys and they continue to impress.

Nicky Banham - Search Marketing Strategist EMEA, Autodesk

Pulling rank on the competition

Our backlink analysis of current and proposed brand mentions – and the training we delivered to their internal PR team on how to gain these – have armed Autodesk with further opportunities for growth and improved their rankings with localised search engines.

Unlocking new audiences

Finding new customers, creating new content

Through a series of in-depth search query reports undertaken on a number of Autodesk's EMEA sites, we identified new industries and target audiences across Europe who were looking to use Autodesk's products. Having uncovered the kind of content key audiences were searching for, as well as gaps in Autodesk's current content strategy, we were then tasked with writing a range of new international content focused on driving these new customers through to purchase.

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