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Looking to boost brand awareness and freshen up its digital strategy, Hotpoint turned to our award-winning strategists for inspiration.

Following an intensive creative workshop, the ‘Waste Less Revolution’ was born – a fun yet powerful campaign inspiring the nation to take back their hard-earned time, money and energy using Hotpoint’s products.

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Getting to the Point

The campaign's narrative focused on finding ways that people can escape the shackles of tedious household tasks.

We demonstrated how, by purchasing Hotpoint products, the buyer could look forward to the bliss of chore-free weekends.

We centred this campaign around one key truth - that people buy benefits, not features.

Nathan Smith, Campaign Manager, Woven Agency
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Viva La Revolution

A key part of this narrative was conveying the benefits in a clear and universal way. For Hotpoint's retail touchpoints, we crafted striking infographics depicting how much time, money and energy is wasted by the average person or household per year.

Then, as part of the cross-media campaign, our digital marketing team developed and launched the 'Win Your Weekend Back' competition, which was promoted across popular social media channels.

The Bottom Line

The result was an expertly strategised cross-media marketing campaign designed to run across both online and offline channels.

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