The joy of beer

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The client and the challenge

Brewing up a rebrand more refreshing than a crisp IPA

Beer. It should be fun, right? Especially craft beer, with its weird and whimsical flavours, super-dedicated brewers and beautiful, hang-them-in-the-Louvre beer can designs.

Problem is, all that lovely stuff is usually reserved for the brewers, not the ecommerce brands selling the beer. So it was our mission to bring that joyful buzz of beer to HonestBrew. With brass knobs on.

The strategy

We have a process here at Woven, and it works.

As with every rebrand we do, we started with stakeholder interviews, hours of workshops, days of research — all so we could understand who HB really are, where they wanted to go and how we’d get them there.

Throughout this, we kept coming back to one core idea: that craft beer should be joyful; that engaging with your fave beer brands should be as fun and universal as spending time down the pub. Too many ecommerce beer businesses seemed to forget this — but HonestBrew were ready to buck the trend.

From day one, Woven have challenged us, have held a mirror up to us. We needed help – and Woven have really impressed in how they’ve delivered it. They’re always geared to how we improve our relationship instead of just keeping us as a retainer.

Michael Alcock - CEO, HonestBrew

Brand essence: The spirit of 5 o'clockism

This principle of putting the joy back into beer helped us position the brand in two key ways.

First up, a brand archetype — a personality ‘genre’ that sums up the brand and informs the creative direction it should take. We defined HonestBrew as a Jester, a good-time Charlie that could poke fun at the industry while still showing undying love for it.

Secondly, we brewed up a brand essence of 5 o’clockism – the joyful integral spirit that runs throughout the HB team and its customers. One that says, with a can of craft in your hands, the good times are set to roll.

The result

Raising glasses, raising smiles

Jesters are bold, colourful, funny. So that’s what we made HonestBrew.

We gave them a palette popping with attention-grabbing colours and a big, friendly font which makes the words look like they’re smiling. The new tone of voice is lighthearted and irreverent, while our hand-drawn doodles (aka brewdles) give HonestBrew a unique signature that promotes recall.

The result is a brand with broad appeal — not one reserved just for craft aficionados — designed to get more people to understand and appreciate the joy of craft beer.

We’ll say ‘Salut’ to that.