Why you should work with a Google Partner agency

By Woven Agency, Monday April 30, 2018

Here at Woven, we’re proud to be a Google Partner agency. We wear this accreditation as a (literal) badge of honour, as we know it offers our clients a number of advantages they may not receive elsewhere.

What is Google Partners?

Google Partners is a programme that allows marketing, digital and advertising professionals to highlight their expertise and prove their ability to deliver well-optimised advertising in a Google-dominated digital landscape.

Essentially, Google Partners acts as a seal of approval for those who can create impactful and cost-efficient SEO, AdWords and PPC campaigns, thus making them an attractive prospect for clients who want to maximise their online ad spend.

Earning your Google stripes

Becoming a Google Partner means fulfilling a series of criteria that proves your Google credentials to those who may want to enlist your advertising services:

    • Company performance

To become a Google Partner, advertisers must point to a successful track record of growing the revenue of both their clients and that of their own company. They must also show a history of retaining clients and a growth in the number of advertising campaigns they work on.

  • Ad spend

Google Partners must have an AdWords account that generates at least £7,000 in Google ad spend during the last 90 calendar days. They must also display a minimum of 12 months’ worth of ad spend activity in their account.

  • AdWords certification

This requires at least one person in a Google Partner’s team to pass the AdWords Fundamentals Assessment and at least one subsequent advertising assessment available through the Academy for Ads.

By meeting these criteria, a Google Partner proves they are a name that any prospective client can trust.

Image showing Google AdWords as a benefit for a Google Partners agency client

The benefits of working with a Google Partner agency

The main benefit of linking up with a Google Partner agency like Woven is knowing you are working with a team that’s trusted by the biggest player in online advertising (that’s Google, in case you weren’t sure…).

Because Google aren’t just an online advertising platform, they are the online advertising platform. They set the rules by which we all play, and so earning a Google Partner Badge shows you have proven yourself to the highest digital authority going.

As a client, this means you are working with a team that can display a proven track record of success in generating low-cost, high-impact AdWords and PPC campaigns that reach the right people through the right channels.

It also means you are working with a team that is continuously improving its ability to manage great ad campaigns. Google are tough taskmasters – and rightly so! They want their users to get the best possible results and so they ensure that Google Partners keep up to speed with best PPC and AdWords practices, such as the use of split testing, the use of different keywords and experimentation in targeting various demographics that come under a client’s target market.

Also, working with a Google Partner means working with someone who gains early access to Google’s beta features – sometimes by up to a year before it’s released to the public. As such, a Google Partner’s client can reap the rewards of these new developments before their competitors even have access to it.

Notepad with the words PPC on it as a benefit for a Google Partner Agency client

The Woven Way

Let’s take a look at a couple of examples of what working with Woven might mean for your AdWords campaigns.

For one of our clients, a team of medical treatment specialists, we went back to the drawing board for their display ad campaign. The previous strategy saw them placing (expensive) adverts on websites believed to be visited by their audience.

But we thought we could do it better. We used data-driven insights to build detailed customer profiles of their target audience. From here, we targeted our adverts based on those profiles’ browsing behaviours to ensure the right people saw their adverts irrespective of which site or mobile app they were visiting.

The results were impressive. We reduced their average cost-per-click spend by 72% and increased their click-through rate by a huge 131%. We also improved the number of people who saw the adverts by 7% – which may not sound like much, but the 131% rise in click-through rates showed our strategy of targeting relevant people and not just more people paid remarkable dividends.

For one of our property development clients, we set to work refining their PPC advertising strategy. We did this by getting to know the audience’s intent – the specific motivations that lay behind their desire to move home. We didn’t just broadly target house-hunters, we wanted to go deeper: what particular type of property did they want? What did they want from the local neighbourhood? Could they benefit from financial government schemes?

By uncovering the motivations of potential homebuyers, we got to know what really interested them. And once we knew that, we created adverts based around those interests and targeted them accordingly.

Again, the results impressed. Between 2016 and 2017 we increased the click-through-rate for the client’s brand-focused campaign by a whopping 339%, whilst reducing the average cost-per-click by over 50%.

What these results mean is that being a Google Partner isn’t just a nice thing to say to our customers; it’s not just a nice badge to pin on our digital lapel; it is a clear signal to our clients that we can be trusted to get the most out of your PPC and AdWords campaigns.

In the words of our Digital Marketing Executive, Nathan: “Being a Google Partner not only means Woven is trusted by the biggest name in the business, it means we’re always looking for new ways to maximise clients’ advertising spend by reaching more people and reducing cost-per-click rates.”

A badge of honour

Google Partners badge

Let’s put it this way: you’re out shopping, looking for a coffee machine. You see two that, on the face of it, are pretty similar: they both look nice, they both say the right things, they cost about the same. But one has a Which?-approved stamp emblazoned on its packaging, a sure sign it’s been tested by an industry watchdog that works for the benefits of consumers.

So, which coffee machine do you pick?

A Google Partner badge is just like that Which? logo. It’s a seal of approval, a stamp that promises proven quality and that says whoever wears the badge has earned Google’s trust.

And Google’s trust goes a long way.


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