Wanted by Woven: Client Services Director

By Woven Agency, Friday January 7, 2022



We’re a multi-award-winning brand agency of talented strategists, account directors and creatives. Working with design-conscious brands, we combine head and heart to achieve our mission: to make brands work beautifully.

To continue our trajectory of yearly record turnovers and award wins, we’re looking for a proactive client services director with agency experience and a track record of growing accounts by building successful, mutually beneficial relationships.

As for you, you’ll be a force to be reckoned with. You’ll challenge the status quo and say ‘No’ when you need to. You’ll get your kicks not from taking the limelight but from seeing your team grow and succeed. 

Super-organised and calm under pressure, you’ll believe in playing a supporting role — not just a starring role — in building and managing a client services team to reach its fullest potential. So that Woven can do the same.

Discover more about the role and its requirements below – and download the full job description here.


  • At least 5 years of direct line management experience.
  • Experience of managing a budget.
  • Proficient in MS Office and Google Docs, Slides and Sheets.
  • Excellent time management and communication skills.
  • Worked agency-side on brand, digital marketing, and web dev projects.


Lead, manage and grow an exceptional client services team. At Woven, you’ll lead by example and by experience. You’ll share your knowledge of nurturing client relationships to make our agency, our clients, and our people even better than they already are.

Deliver ‘wow’. Wowing our clients – and the industry – is one of Woven’s core tenets. To do so, you’ll be responsive, organised, proactive and insightful in helping our client clearly define their goals and our creative team deliver industry-leading work. 

Brief brilliantly. As an experienced CSD, you’ll know that projects stand and fall on the brief. You’ll help your team deliver clear, thoughtfully considered briefs, translating our clients’ marketing goals into easy-to-understand briefs for our creative team.

Know the sound of opportunity knocking. Growing Woven means growing our clients’ businesses, so when the opportunity arises to do just that, you’ll seize it with both hands.

See perfection in process. You’ll help formulate and implement our internal- and client-facing processes, and inspire your team to find ways to improve them.

Be great at puzzles. We know that no process is infallible, so you’ll also love getting your problem-solving hat on, identifying and resolving any issues with the client or within the agency.

Make sure projects are on time, on budget, and out-of-sight amazing. You’ll use your past experience, positive outlook, and personable approach to make sure we do the best work on time and on budget.

Predict the future. Kind of. By keeping close to your team, you’ll always have foresight of what’s coming down the line and know the forecasted budgets inside-out, helping Woven plan its finances and spot opportunities for growth.

Lead with empathy. We’re not after slavish automatons at Woven. We want people who think and lead with empathy and humility. This is how you build teams that care about what they do and who they do it for.


You’ll have a growth mindset. We value those who use positivity and ingenuity to embrace challenges, overcome setbacks, and achieve more than they thought possible. 

You’ll be a great listener. You’ll definitely have your own opinions — and we’ll always want to hear them — but as a leader, you’ll understand that listening is just as important as talking. 

You’ll ask questions. Woven’s is a culture of curiosity and continuous development, so you’ll often be asking questions that test how we do things now and that encourage us to do things better in the future. 

Calm and confident. Being organised and assured, you’ll give confidence to clients and colleagues — and inspire them to be confident in you.

You’ll take your development personally. We’ll give you everything you need to develop your skills and learning. But we also love self-learners who bring their knowledge to the Woven table. That way, your personal development becomes everyone’s professional development.

No egos, please. We want the best people in the business, but not if they come with out-of-control egos. We’re a friendly, caring, empathetic bunch, and we want you to be, too.


Happy clients. Clients appreciate our honesty, our quick and clear communication, and the fact we spend their money as if it were our own. Continuing — and improving — our client relationships in a way that grows their business and ours is vital to this role’s success.

A confident team. You’ll empower your team to try new ways of working — and support them should they not come off. You’ll create a culture that says mistakes will be learned from, not punished. And you’ll improve their skills while also learning new ones from them.

Permanent progress. We don’t just want Woven to grow, we want to put you and your team on a permanent trajectory of self-development, so you grow as we do.

Time tracked and profits grown. We’re not a by-the-numbers agency, but we still keep a firm eye on the figures. Your team will regularly track their time against budgets to help them accurately forecast and hit agreed profit margins.


  • A salary worthy of your skill. We know it’s not all about the salary, but we know good people when we see them, so it’s only right that we pay good money to keep them.
  • 3% pension contribution.
  • Flexible working. At Woven, you work where you work best. That can be from our London or Leeds offices, from home, or from your favourite café.
  • Unlimited holidays.
  • All the kit, books and training resources you need to grow in your role.
  • A fully expensed phone.
  • A friendly, inquisitive, and passionate culture built around collaboration and personal development.
  • Team outings, awards nights, and a free Friday lunch.
  • A monthly wellness allowance to go towards gym memberships, meditation sessions, yoga lessons, mindfulness courses, and so on.


If the above sounds like you, and like something you want to be part of, then we want to hear from you. And we think you’ll want to hear from us.

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