Not-so-top secret: laying bare our property marketing process

By Woven Agency, Friday October 13, 2023
2 mins

Every marketing agency has a story of one that got away. A great client, a perfect brief, a golden opportunity. One which we thought we’d taken, until we were told the client was sticking with its current agency.


But rather than cry over spilt milk, we wanted to show the work that goes into our property marketing process, so you know that if you ever want to work with us, you’ll get a brand or campaign that works hard and looks beautiful.

A bit of context. We were asked to pitch for an upcoming property development in Leeds. As a response, we came up with two attention-grabbing creative routes underpinned by smart thinking, all in a field we’ve got lots of experience in. 

Fair to say that we were quietly confident. But, as we all know, confidence comes before a fall — while the client loved the work, they stuck with their existing agency. 

Woe was us. 

But not really, because we’re still proud of the thinking, the work and the effort it took to bring it to life. While this was only pitch work, it still talked about the emotional drivers that spur people to purchase. It still grounded our thinking in two big ideas that could stretch across any asset. And it still showed what our strategic and creative teams can do through a multi-channel user journey and marketing campaign.

In truth, the work was pretty much done and all the client had to do was buy it. But, alas, the course of true branding rarely runs smooth.

So we thought we’d post it up — a little peep behind the Woven curtain to show our property marketing process. And to show we make brands work beautifully. 

Take a look, and if you’ve got a property development you want branding up, get in touch: we might just have a couple of good ideas ready to go…