Why a brand archetype is one of the most powerful tools you can use

By Woven Agency, Thursday July 20, 2023
1 min

From Ruler brands like Rolls Royce to Jesters like Paddy Power, brand archetypes give brands a personality that makes them accessible and relatable to audiences who share those same values.

As such, a brand archetype helps brands form immediate connections in the short-term and meaningful connections in the long-term.

In this Woven Insights edition, we delve deep into the twelve archetypes, how they connect brands to buyers, and how we at Woven help our clients find their ‘type. Take a look, and as you watch, have a think about which brand archetype you might be — and whether your current brand really reflects it.

Woven strategic team discuss the power of brand archetypes

What’s your brand archetype?

At Woven, we put brand archetypes at the core of our brand discovery sessions. They inform, inspire and guide what we do, from crafting mission and vision statements to how a press ad should look and sound.

This is the power of a brand archetype: to make your brand consistent, coherent and and to help it tell a story that resonates with the people behind the brand — and the customer who buy into it.

Want to uncover your brand archetype? See how we’ve done it for others, then get in touch.