Luxury branding: The dawn of a new digital age?

By Woven Agency, Thursday August 4, 2022

The pandemic has exposed a stark reality for the luxury sector: that it hasn’t kept pace with the digital revolution caused by COVID-19.

The lesson is that luxury brands need to connect with their customers online in the same way they do offline: with unique, surprising and memorable experiences. Failing to do so builds up an ‘experience debt’ – the gap between a consumer’s expectation of a brand and the reality they experience. Such experience debts, once incurred, are hard for brands to pay back, as customers click away from you and find your competitors.

Our webinar below reveals how luxury brands can attract and continually delight audiences and eliminate that experience debt. You’ll hear from industry experts on what today’s luxury consumer looks like — and how your brand can meet their expectations in the future. 

The keynote is delivered by:

  • Helen Darlington, founder and director, Woven Agency

The webinar panel includes:

  • Mark Bower, executive creative director, Woven Agency
  • Tracey Mancenido, director of digital product creation, Tommy Hilfiger
  • Nicky Mote, marketing manager, client experience, Chanel.

Can we launch your new digital age?

We’ve spent twenty years making luxury and premium brands look and behave as beautifully online as they do offline. If you don’t think your digital brand reflects who you truly are – or you’re worried about paying down your experience debt – talk to us today.