HubSpot Operations Hub: When the right hand knows what the left hand’s doing

By Daniel Swepson, Monday June 7, 2021

HubSpot Operations Hub, the latest product launch from HubSpot. As a Hubspot Gold Partner agency, we’ve summarised all you need to know about the latest offering.

Operations and Logistics are hallowed entities, graciously wandering among us mere mortals. They make sure people get paid, services get delivered and the world keeps spinning. They make sales, marketing, finance and more into a well-oiled revenue machine.

Seriously, let’s just take a moment to gawp in wonder. And perhaps make a few grateful cups of tea. Then let’s talk about making their lives a whole lot better with HubSpot Operations Hub.

What’s the problem? Operations work great here!

That’s down to the work of your team, ensuring countless crucial systems play nicely together, and putting out fires. But in many cases, it’s time they could be using elsewhere. 

If you ask, you’ll hear about the same old problems. Old customer data that’s almost useless. Independently running critical services like invoicing, customer contracts and letters of engagement. Wishing one suite would make Xero, Mailchimp, Dynamics, Google and a million other things just… work together.

It’s frustrating to know there’s a better way of running things, but being stuck in a monotonous cycle of exports, emails and re-imports… bleh. And, it goes without saying, having all that air between your business systems costs you money, too.

So – drum roll – you need Hubspot Operations Hub. And, if you’re not sure that you do, ask those magical people in ops if they’d like half their lives back to put their talents to better use.

Reason 1: Clean data, end to end.

Data hygiene used to be a ‘nice to have’. But, no matter how much colleagues would bring it up, there never seemed to be an easy way to do it. And, with the need to run a tight ship in regards to GDPR, it felt like a horrifyingly big project.

With Operations Hub, you can automate data cleanup. Fix names, dates and more to make sure that every system is speaking the right language. Data Sync integrates data from all of your sources, including historical data, into Operations Hub, maintaining quality and accessibility for every department. And it’s two-way, which means that you’re not just leaving bad data in a location, it’s cleaning itself everywhere.

This is more than just a self-cleaning database, it’s a way to generate a smooth sales, marketing and billing flow without needing to be bailed out by the RevOps team. 

Set, forget, and offer an amazing experience for colleagues and customers alike.

Reason 2: It’s the automation you’ve been looking for.

We’ve all worked with some… sub-par CRM systems before. The kind that sees you waking up in a sweaty stupor, panicking about bodged import plugins and checkboxes that seem to be just for decoration.

And, to be fair, having seen the CRM industry grow up, we’re pretty blown away by what we can achieve today. But that end-to-end sync has always been elusive. Somewhere in the chain, we’ve had to bring in a little human intervention. And we didn’t mind because, while not perfect, it’s a lot better than the hellscape of yesteryear.

Well, now you don’t have to settle. HubSpot Operations Hub will smoothly bring together RevOps for every department you care to mention to offer complete automation.

Want to make sure new clients automatically get a welcome pack, migrated from historic prospects lists (all of them!), get their invoicing arranged and set up future regular meetings? No problem. With a simple flow UI, you can create automated processes that are as unique as you are.

So you can spend the time you save thinking of even more inventive ways to keep your RevOps running profitably, smoothly and creatively.

Got HubSpot already? Then add that reason to the list.

You’ve heard us wax lyrical about HubSpot before. It runs our business, and thousands more around the world. If you’re already in the Hub Club, adding Operations Hub couldn’t be easier.

And, like all HubSpot products, it’ll scale effortlessly.

Operations Hub is everything you’ve been pleading for in CRM integration and data hygiene. Contact us today, and let one of our HubSpot specialists thrill you with tales of friction-free sales, pristine data and automation that just works.

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