How to build a better property brand

By Woven Agency, Thursday April 27, 2023

We have more freedom than ever in how we work and, as a result, where we live. But what does that mean for property brands?

How can they incorporate new technologies and respond to new ways of living so they continue to attract buyers and investors?

Find the answers in our video below, as well as:

  • A keynote talk on how luxury and premium property brands can market themselves
  • The importance of buyer personas, the innovation curve, brand storytelling and digital transformation
  • How adopting the flywheel can turn strangers into long-term brand advocates (perfect for the long-game property market)
  • Opinions from our expert guest panel, who join us from Work.Life, Aston Chase and ADP Architecture

Does your property brand need (re)building?

Property brands that haven’t moved at the same pace as technology risk being unable to match their digitally savvy audience’s demands – and losing custom to the competition.

If you think your brand needs to keep with the times — and get well ahead of them — get in touch. We’ve spent the past ten years helping property companies build brands that are every bit as beautiful as their homes.

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