5 brilliant print Christmas adverts

By Woven Agency, Friday December 21, 2018

Christmas advertising, it’s not all about John Lewis and Coca-Cola, y’know. Some of the most memorable Christmas adverts have always been found in the realm of print – and, to prove it, we’ve put together five of our favourites that prove a simple idea and a little bit of lateral thinking can produce incredible results.

Greenpeace – You’ll miss it when it’s gone.

Subversion is always a rich vein of inspiration for advertisers. So it makes sense that Greenpeace took Christmas, that seasonal time of family, friends and festivities, and stopped us in our tracks with this simple yet effective global warming warning.

Greenpeace Christmas ad

Nike – Air Santa.

Well, if anyone needs a sturdy pair of trainers and some #Nikespiration to get the job done, it’s Santa.

Nike Santa advert

Ikea – Early Christmas.

‘Christmas, it comes earlier every year.’ Hearing this when October drops and the retail giants start decking their shelves with Everything Christmas™ is pretty much a festive tradition. So it makes sense for one of those giants to turn that cynicism into something self-knowing, clever and witty. And, as usual, Ikea’s advertising team get it spot-on.

Ikea 'Early Christmas' advert

The Salvation Army – Poverty isn’t always easy to see.

Appearances can be deceiving is the message behind this brilliant, poignant Salvation Army ad that will strike a resonant chord with anyone with older friends and family. Or with any Instagrammer who’s tried uploading a shot of the only corner of their house that isn’t a total shambles…

The Salvation Army's poverty isn't always easy to see advert

Mercedes-Benz – Christmas tree grill.

Words, eh? Who needs ’em?

Mercedes-Benz Christmas tree advert


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