Pinterest smashes the 200 million mark….

By Woven Agency, Friday October 6, 2017

So, in 2016, the mood board social network giants Pinterest, recorded a very tidy monthly figure of 150 million active users. Pretty impressive for a company that’s still technically in its infancy at only 7 years old right?

Well, you think that’s impressive. This year they’ve made record numbers of 200 million active monthly users! Phenomenal figures. That’s almost a 40% rise since last year and co-founder Evan Sharp has revealed that a staggering 85% of searches are on a mobile device. They’ve found their users have pinned more than 100 billion pins!

Update incoming

Pinterest has recently announced that in the not too distant future, they’ll be releasing a new update which users have been screaming for – Board Sections. This will essentially be a ‘boards within boards’ kinda deal so you can organise your pins with more ease and don’t have to have 43 plus boards for one event, such as your upcoming nuptials or a birthday party. You can organise them all in once place and save yourself the mind blowing task of scrolling through your boards at lightning speed to find what you so desperately need to show your bestie right here, right now.


There’s even more…

Another two updates they’re working on are a pinch-to-zoom feature, something avid Pinteresters all over the world have been desperate to see added to the platform. Another, which rings a similar bell to Google image search, you know, where you drag and drop the image into the search bar and it shows you visually similar images? Yeah, that one. Pinterest is rolling out something called ‘Lens’ (subject to change) where users will find it easier to find relevant content to them by just snapping a picture and Pinterest will pull up similar images.

They’ve decided to keep the rest of the updates and new features under lock and key but that’s cool with us – they have to keep tight-lipped about the coolest of the features right? It wouldn’t be any fun otherwise!

Written by Dulcie Clarkson, Marketing Campaign Manager.

*Images courtesy of Pinterest

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