Meet Mudassar – our skilful new Developer!

by Woven Agency on Tuesday October 3, 2017 @ 03:09PM

Mudassar our new developerWe’re delighted to introduce you to our awesome new Developer, Mudassar Ditta, who has joined the team at INK Towers.

Mudassar, an experienced developer, joins us from Capita. We could tell you how he’s a master of ASP.NET, MVC, MS-SQL, Microsoft Visual Studio, Azure and .NET-based CMS but we can already see that blank expression forming on your face. So, we’ll just say he’s really skilled with all things website development-related instead!

It’s all change for Mudassar, having recently welcomed an adorable little boy into the world. Despite the lack of sleep, Mudassar is loving being a dad – although we’ve tried to reason with him that, at eight weeks old, it’s probably a little early for his son to start learning code!

Outside of work, Mudassar enjoys tinkering with computer hardware, going to the gym and martial arts training. In fact, having practised the art of Tang Soo Do for the last seven years, Mudassar is officially a black belt! So, if he ever decides he doesn’t want to do a coffee run we’ll fully understand…

Got a burning question about website development or interested in Tang Soo do? Get in touch with Mudassar by emailing: