What Made Us Smile This Month!

By Woven Agency, Wednesday September 13, 2017

It’s that time again guys, yep, here at Woven we’ve always got something to smile about. I mean why wouldn’t we? We’ve got the loveliest clients, the craziest colleagues, and Penny as our resident sparkler. We’ve got our philanthropic Client Services Director, Mark, starting us off…

Mark, Clients Services Director
“A pint of Kronenbourg at the end of the Three Peaks Challenge”


Hollie, Head of Marketing & Communications
“Having a re-designed studio to accommodate our growing team has made me smile.”


Daniel, Marketing Campaign Manager
“Settling into my new house after an exhausting box moving, sofa dragging and broadband missing couple of weeks”
Marketing Campaign Manager
Vick, Strategist
“Kitty Committee was great this month, Nath and Dulcie thought of some great games to play which had the whole studio put their game faces on – we’re a pretty competitive bunch!”
Vick - INK Digital

So that’s it for this month’s edition of ‘what made us smile’. As always, we just love to hear what’s popped a smile on your face lately, so be sure to let us know over on our InstagramFacebook and Twitter!

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