What Made Us Smile This Month!

By Woven Agency, Monday October 9, 2017

Well, the nights are closing in, the temperatures are dropping and The Great British Bake Off is already nearly over! Nooooo! And yet, somehow, we’re still smiling here at Woven Towers… we’re a brave bunch in this part of the world!

Here’s what’s been keeping our spirits up this month…

Rich Blyth - INK Digital

Rich, Head of Development

“Tom Baker winning best baker.”

Okay, this one needs a bit of context. We hosted a Macmillan coffee morning a couple of weeks ago and the winner of our Star Baker vote was, apparently, the fourth incarnation of Doctor Who, Tom Baker!

Now, we love Doctor Who, but despite the comedians here who voted for him (yes, Rich, we’re looking at you…) Tom Baker doesn’t work for us. Although he’s welcome to drop by any time!


Georgia, Creative

“When our bonkers cleaner, Penny, told head honchos Helen and Tony that we’d been drinking vodka and gin whilst they’d been on holiday! To which Mudassar replied, ‘That’s the last time we invite you, Penny!’, which made me laugh even more!”

Vick - INK Digital

Vick, Executive Strategist

“Mudassar getting defensive over the lime and coconut cake he baked for our coffee morning – when we saw how good it looked we all accused him of cheating! In the end, Mudassar had to admit his sister – a professional baker, no less – decorated the cake, but he still insists he baked it. Yeah, we believe you, Mudassar! It did look and taste amazing, though, so I’ve let him off!”

Mudassar our new developer

Mudassar, Developer

“I found the idea of me cheating for our bake off absolutely hilarious.”

So, that’s what tickled our funny bones here in the Woven office this month – now it’s over to you! Visit our Facebook and Twitter pages to let us know what’s been putting a smile on your face lately.

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