Hollie’s Wedding Extravaganza

By Woven Agency, Monday May 22, 2017

Our super-lovely Head of Marketing, Hollie, is getting married really soon so in true Woven fashion we went all out and surprised with a week-long wedding extravaganza!

Hollie’s first surprise was a wedding-themed desk. We kitted her out with a snazzy veil, a pink sash and a heap load of balloons and confetti.

hollie-wedding-themed-deskThis was just the beginning, up next was a fun filled week of wedding related party games and oh boy, we do love a good game (or three!)

The deal was if Hollie won each game, the team would be rewarded with a party at the end of the week. If Hollie failed her mission, she would have to pick someone to complete a forfeit (eek!)

Thankfully, our Hollie is a pure whizz at games, she championed them all meaning we all enjoyed a brilliant party in the studio – wahoo!

Here’s the lowdown of the games:


We all had a ball watching our Hollie and Helen compete against Becky and Dulcie. Some of the drawings were hilarious – can you guess what any of them represent? pictionary-ink-digital-wedding

Find Mark

Mark and Percy were up against Hollie and Rich. They were challenged with finding as many pictures as they could of Hollie’s fiance, Mark. The team who collected the most photos of Mark, won. They searched high and low around the studio, and it was Hollie’s team who triumphed!


Pin the trunks on the hunk!

This game left us in fits of giggles. Before having a chance to pin the trunks, each team had to spin around a pole, just to make it that little more difficult although some of our team tried to get away with spinning around it slowly to give them an advantage (hehe!)


Balloon Scrabble

It was Hollie and Nath up against our Tony and Matt. Each team had three bags of balloons. The aim of the game was to take one bag at a time, empty it, pop all the balloons and collect the letters from each of them. They then had to lay the letters out and figure out what the ‘wedding’ themed word was. The team who completed each bag and guessed all three words in the quickest time won. It was a close call, but Hollie and Nath came out on top!matt-tony-ink-digital-weddinghollie-nath-2-ink-digital-weddingTHE PARTY

Hollie came up trumps and won us the party (booyah!) We were in food heaven – we all enjoyed a full spread of scrumptious treats including mini donuts, muffins and let’s not forget the party rings!food-ink-digital-weddingHere’s our lovely Hollie with our awesome Nathan who’s sporting his pink hat which was given to him at the party!hollie-nathan-ink-digital-weddingWe all had so much fun and would like to congratulate Hollie and Mark – we hope they have the most fantastic day.

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