Digital Marketing and AR, what does it mean for brands?

by Woven Agency on Wednesday January 10, 2018 @ 05:23PM

In 2017 everyone was talking about augmented reality. In 2018, everyone’s going to be doing it. According to Markets and Markets research, the AR industry is projected to reach $117.4 billion by 2020.

As marketers, we should remember that we are storytellers, and AR enables us to expand and enhance live experiences as well as demonstrate creativity and increase engagement with an audience.

AR is more than just a Facebook filter that puts a unicorn on your desk at work. It means taking virtual tours anywhere in the world, sizing up furniture in your living room before you’ve ordered it, seeing a plate of food on your table before you’ve called the waiter over.


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The Facebook AR Studio gives everyone (with a Mac) the platform to design their own interactive effects that respond to facial expressions, movements and surroundings. Free-to-download software lets you create your AR filter and then share it with your friends. For brands, the filter will be available to everyone who’s a fan of your page.

In mid-December last year, Facebook announced they’ll be releasing even more capabilities to the software, expanding into the Messenger side of the social network. The continued development of this area by Facebook will intensify the rivalry with the likes of Snapchat and Apple. It’s this kind of development that will keep Facebook at the forefront of technological innovation.

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Daniel Swepson, Marketing Campaign Manager