A Woven welcome to Chloe, our illustrious new illustrator

by Woven Agency on Friday February 2, 2018 @ 09:07AM

Move over, Picasso, there’s a new artist in town – say hello to Chloe, illustator extraordinaire

Chloe Illustrator

For Chloe, Woven’s new illustrator, it’s always been about the paints and the pencils. Having studied Art & Design at college, Chloe completed an Art Foundation at Manchester Metropolitan, specialising in 3D design. She then earned a BA Hons in Landscape Architecture at the University of Sheffield, before finding her way to the Woven studios.

Working alongside our designers and copywriters, Chloe has already added her artistic flair to a number of Woven campaigns, bringing them to life in breathtaking fashion and wowing everyone with her unique style. She’s even found the time to do a group portrait of us all – and, as you can see below, has somehow made us look even more attractive than we are in real life. (I know, we didn’t think it was possible, either…)

But Chloe’s creative skills don’t begin and end with the (digital) canvas. Whilst she loves to draw and paint in her spare time, she’s just at home upcycling furniture, silversmithing jewellery, and even painting murals on brick walls. (Chloe assures us that this isn’t just a fancy term for graffiti.)

Fair to say, then, that Chloe sees life from the creative side of things – making her the perfect fit for Woven.

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